It’s a big thumbs up


About a year ago I was drilling a computer case and the drill slipped and I drilled my thumb. I cleaned it and applied steri strips and I thought I had
it all cleaned out. It healed up, but I soon realised that I hadn’t got all the bits. All the metal bits.

So today I visited my local Doctor about my thumb that now had a piece of metal embedded. I must say, I was very impressed. I was seen immediately by the GP, then referred to the X-Ray dept just a 5 minute walk away at Gravesend Hospital. Immediately X-rayed then referred to minor injuries.

It turned out there was a chunk of metal in my thumb. So the nurse simply removed it with a needle as though it was a thorn. Albeit a slightly more embedded thorn requiring forceps and a clamp. But totally painless and without any pain relief.

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