Cutting out the palm oil in margarine


Palm oil has crept into many food products and it is usually impossible to
tell that palm oil is in a product because it falls into the bracket of
vegetable oil.

Last night I decided to try and find a margarine without palm oil and I
struggled. In the local supermarket, every margarine on sale contained
vegetable oil. Apart from the KerryGold (which is probably a butter

It’s extremely difficult for consumers to make a choice to avoid palm oil,
because of the way it falls into the vegetable oil bucket.

So why the palm oil interest? Well, it’s growth in popularity is clearing
forests and releasing greenhouse gases from peat lands. So I’d personally
like to know when a product contains palm oil. Until labelling improves,
I’ll be avoiding any food items containing vegetable oil, which may well
prove very difficult, but I’m going to give it a go.

If you want more details about Palm Oil, have a look at the Greenpeace

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