the changing face of travel


A refreshing interlude to the election in many ways, but this erupting
volcano in Iceland has meant that I’m losing my holiday. I think. There is
still a contingency, but it stands to be expensive. With all planes
grounded in the UK since midday yesterday, this episode has got me thinking
about the way that I travel.

Before I booked these tickets, I was looking at Eurostar first. I live a
£10 cab journey from Ebbsfleet Eurostar station. Very convenient. Last
year I thoroughly enjoyed getting the train from Ebbsfleet to Avignon in the
South of France. It was everything that is great about travel and trains.
Pure joy all the way on a high speed Eurostar and TGV service only taking 6
hours with a 2 lunch in Paris. Perfect. I wish the tickets on Eurostar had
been cheaper than £300 each way when I was trying to book 3 weeks ago. It
turned out that Ryanair was £200 return. So I took the cheaper option.

Thinking back to when I booked, I did feel guilty about going plane instead
of train and I think I need to sort that out. It’s far better all round on
the train and you can take as much weight as you can physically carry.
Although 5 bags and an ice box across Paris underground can be a bit tricky
J. But what needs to happen, is that prices need to become more sensible to
become within reach at an affordable price.

So while I’m drowning my sorrows at the sight of this picture, showing my
mates loading the boats to go to the river, the boats I should be helping to
load right now, I’ll see if I can get the travel contingency working.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?


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