Costa del Thames gets Muscle Beach


Gravesend is the Costa del Thames.  Or at the very least it would arm wrestle Torquay and Paignton to carry the mantle of the English Riviera.  Time after time, Gravesend is the hottest place in the UK.  Gravesend holds the status of the hottest place in the UK everAlso back in 2003.  But the amount of times I am sat listening to the news and weather and I hear “Gravesend was the hottest place in the country today.”

So I have taken to nicknaming Gravesend as the Costa del Thames.  And now we have Muscle Beach, Costa del Thames.  Gravesend has an adiZone!  w00t!

If you haven’t seen an adiZone before, they are truly a great local sport and fitness resource and a communal space to do so many different activities.  While I was there, the place was full.  Lots of groups of people and individuals using the space.  There was a proper basketball game going on which I didn’t want to interrupt, so I didn’t check this area out.

I was really impressed with the low level climbing wall area.  Great idea.  Not an Olympic sport as far as I can remember, so big props for including it.  Cheap, safe and a great mental and physical workout.

Above is my photo looking out over said Muscle Beach.  My nemesis, the pullup bar.  I couldn’t get a good photo of the whole adiZone. There were local scouts using the equipment and I thought it wasn’t appropriate to take photos.

I feel so lucky that this excellent resource is a mile from my home.  Nice little warm up, followed by some Muscle Beach action and a nice warm down home.





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