Google and Microsoft leave the energy monitoring space


So Google and Microsoft have both pulled out of the internet of things, what with PowerMeter retiring and the hohm discontinuation respectively.

It doesn’t surprise me that both Google and Microsoft have pulled out of the energy graphing space.  It was a small team at Google carrying the PowerMeter mantle and Microsoft never became available outside of the US.  Not a serious play in the energy monitoring space by either parties.  But also ahead of the curve in terms of the mass adoption that both were hoping to see quickly. 

Energy monitoring is still not mainstream.  We are some way away from a mainstream energy monitoring norm.  If only Google and Microsoft had entered the space in a years’ time.

However, one thing that I believe has grown out of the PowerMeter experience is the Android Open Accessory Development Kit based on Arduino.  Targeted towards hardware hackers, it leaves Google with a speculative little toe in the Internet of Things. 

I think that both Google and Microsoft have learnt a lot from their forays into energy graphing.  I expect to see them hit the ball out of the park in the future when energy monitoring is mainstream.


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