Android on the Joggler


Purchased a 4GB USB stick from ASDA for £5

Downloaded the pre-configured blank image which creates the required 3 partitions on the USB stick:

Unpacked the downloaded image files

As I am using Windows, I downloaded win32diskimager to write the blank image to USB stick:

Inserted the USB stick and used win32diskimager to write the downloaded image, creating 3 blank partitions on the USB stick for running Android.

Downloaded the Android image “froyo_joggler_v1.1” from here:

Extracted the Android files and copied the files onto the “ANDROID” partition on the USB drive

The partition now contains these files:












Inserted the USB drive into the Joggler and booted.  

Booted into Android and loaded very fast.

Followed these instructions to change the language to English UK:

Works very well, but without Android Marketplace and next to no apps/functionality.

Time to find a better Android image with Android Marketplace and the ability to install apps, so we can unleash the power of Android.

Searched for a better Android image on the joggler wiki:

Thanks to James Taylor for his original post which got me up and running in no time.


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2 thoughts on “Android on the Joggler

  1. I have a 4GB stick but win32diskimager says there is not enough space to right the blank image. I’ve formatted stick etc. And downloaded and extracted blank disk image again. Any ideas?

  2. Chris Dalby says:

    I found this too initially and needed to try a second 4GB stick. So I would say that if you have an 8GB stick, even better. Otherwise, try another stick unfortunately.

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