Cycle Lanes are Bollards


My local ride takes in a hill at Gads Hill, right next to the school with the same name that was previously Charles Dickens’ house in Higham.

This hill has generally been a nightmare.  Not for the lung busting climb, but for the cycle lane.  At school closing time, you find this lane completely blocked with cars parking half on the pavement and half covering the cycle lane.  If this wasn’t bad enough, the “solution” to prevent cars parking in the cycle lane is, well, complete bollards.

The transition from cycle lane to the bollards is very dangerous.  Car drivers think you have room in a cycle lane, the reality is you are forced into the main flow of traffic with cars unaware that you need the extra room.  I really would like to hear the reasoning behind this “solution” from Kent County Council, Kent Highway Services, or whoever dreamt up the idea.

The school run traffic is notoriously bad in the UK.  If parking outside the school is a problem, please empower a warden at the school to issue warnings/penalty fares.  Or remove the cycle lane completely to make it clear that cyclists are sharing the road too.

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